Monday, August 18, 2008

Wiser with Age

As I get older I notice that certain priorities just don't seem as important as they did in the past. People have always told me that my priorities and needs will change as I get older as well as my over all outlook on life. People have also said that your first born will change your life as well as the outlook and all that I just mentioned. Well guess what, they're right!

I could remember when Shannon and I first got married I had high dreams and expectations that centered around how far I could advance in the corporate world and the joys of the six figured income would bring to me and my young bride. I pretty much carried that dream throughout my 20's but realized the higher I moved up on that ladder the more miserable I would become. I realized that the career path I was on seemed to strip away at who I really am, and shadowed my self esteem (which those of you who know me personally I have a great deal of). However, now that I am about to embark on my 30's my perspective has changed from the big salary and attractive corporate position to being debt free and get into a job where I can truly be myself. This revelation didn't appear to me until after Emmerson was born when I realized what was most important.

I also find myself simplifying things like where I shop and how we eat out. In my 20's I wanted the nice clothes from Express and I would buy the nice suites. Now I could pretty much knock out my entire wardrobe at Target. In the past when Shannon and I would go out to dinner we would each get the big entrees and have all of this food. Now we often find ourselves splitting a meal. Its not because we can't afford two meals, it just makes sense to have one and not over indulge. I'm finding new hobbies such as golf. Golf gives me a chance to hang with the guys, and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery we have here in Tennessee. I'm not very good, but I'm learning.

I'm not quite 30 yet, but I'm getting there. I'm not fretting getting older but rather excited about what life has to bring. I've mentioned this in my profile, and I can just adopt this as my own, that God is God and I am most defantely not. Bring on getting older because this is defantely the Great Adventure and I'm ready to ride.

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Shannon said...

Definitely. Just wanted to point that out. ;)

And 30 is not all that bad. You'll see.